cake week is coming!


I will be showcasing some of the most impressive talents in the cake designing industry that Toronto has has to offer. I have said this before and will continue to say it, Toronto is truly a leader in all things boutique wedding and cakes are by no means an exception.   Our designers are artists and very few cities can compete with our team of skilled cake makers/designers/bakers.

So with sweetness in mind, we will visit some of my favorite cake designers and talk to them about what makes their cakes/cupcakes/macaroons/marshmellows….. the very best! stay tuned!

This cake was designed by Shauna Austin Landry of City Girl cakes in Halifax, NS. She flew into Toronto to bake and decorate just a few days before the wedding. ¬†Working out of someone else’s kitchen can’t be easy for a professional baker.

Since we planned our wedding in just 30 days, it was so nice to be able to rely on our skilled vendors. Thank you Shauna!