Fashion Fridays! – Jackie

This is my attempt at some kind of theme for my blog, the introduction of Fashion Fridays.

simple simple…

step 1: pick a fashion icon or institution

step 2: discuss

It is only natural when considering fashion icons to think of the originals, Jackie, Grace and Coco of course…

Jackie was born in 1929 to a wall street broker and a stay at home mom, she was groomed in style and etiquette from a small child and her sophistication and poise were a true testament to a women fit to be the 1st lady.

She is known for many trends, most of which are still relevant today.

What I find most fascinating about her is while most of her fashion choices while clearly on point and ground breaking, many of her most influencial trends were simply made by her own lifestyle choices as well as a few  insecurities.

number 1: The “Pill box” hat

While studying at Vassar, Jackie did an exchange to France and she fell in love with many French Designers.  Oleg Cassini was an American designer that Jackie worked very well with. Jackie commissioned many Chanel ‘look alikes’ to be made by Cassini and he always made a Pillbox hat to match. It was convenient as they had the same size heads and he could measure his hats on his head for Jackie.

Number 2: White “Opera” gloves




Women everywhere started wearing this elegant accessory after Jackie started wearing them for formal functions. The truth however is that Jackie really did not love the look of her nails as she was a smoker and a nail bitter, so she often wore the gloves to cover your hands.

Number 3: The Trench


Her sunnies were always larger and very dark! I once read that Jackie said that she loved wearing the big glasses because she could watch people and they wouldn’t know it.  See all us girls are the same!

Number 4: Horseback riding gear

This look can be found all over the world and not just on the ranch! Jackie attended many of her Vassar College classes wearing her riding gear, many of the young women felt that she was starting a trend but in fact Jackie was just coming from her lessons.

Number 5: Jackie at home. This is not really a trend but my favourite part of Jackie. She loved her family. Until Jackie, very few powerful women were photographed informally with their children.

Jackie really struggled these years, they had lost two of thier children and soon after lost her husband. It was all very public and for a private women this was difficult. She turned to her children for strength and pleasure.

Clearly Jackie was and is a fashion icon, but again her style was very much a product of her lifestyle. This is so relevant in the argument towards always being yourself. She truly inspired a generation of women not just in how they dressed but  how they were seen by others. Always poised with perfect posture, standing tall, supporting those you love and speaking your mind… politely of course.