I love watching Television. I especially love the beginning of the new season.

This year has been no different, a slew of new shows to be excited about. This week I have watched a couple episodes of Playboy Club on my iPad and I while I know some of you may feel that as a feminist I shouldn’t love it, but… I can’t help but love the idea of a club where members and their guests dressed up to the nines, they were entertained by live bands, dancing and all the glamour of the 60’s.

I have read Hugh Hefner’s bio and I did find it interesting . I am somewhat fascinated with his business ideas and the simplicty of exploiting the one industry people have been fascinated by for centuries, SEX!  While I find it hard to love all parts of what Mr. Hefner accomplished, as a business women I love what was available to these women by being a part of the Playboy family.

These women were given a place to live and an opportunity to feel beautiful, sexy and in control earning very good lifestyles while being completely supported by a team.

The rules and policies were strictly enforced to protect the women from the members and of course Mr. Hefner and his brand from law suits.

So here are some of the Bunnies from the class of 1960! There were many types of Bunnies, Door Bunnies, Cigarette Bunnies, Floor Bunnies, Playmate Bunnies and Jet Bunnies (they travelled the world on Mr. Hefner’s private jet).

These bunnies could identify 143 brands of liquor and garnish more than 120 cocktails.

The girls were required to serve drinks in the Bunny Dip, stand in the Bunny Stance and sit in the Bunny Perch.

Being that my husband is a Patent Lawyer, i find it incredibly interesting that the Playboy Bunny uniform is the 1st service uniform ever to be registered with the United States Patent and Trademark office.

The girls were required to wear two pairs of jet black “hose” with their uniforms and had to return them at the end of every shift. There should not be any uniforms out in the world for sale if so often they are considered counterfeit, damaged or fake.

The Bunnies are iconic, Mr. Hefner and his team knew that keeping the women extremely stylish and on point fashionably was key to keeping the success of the brand. With this in mind there was always a cosmetic bunny in charge or hair and beauty trends, a wardrobe mistress and a seamstress on call during all open club hours .





I mentioned before that I like the idea of the Bunny family. I truly believed that the Playboy Brand gave women many opportunities that other companies certainly did not at this time in history.

The Bunny Manual: (http://www.explayboybunnies.com/history/bunnymanual/bunnymanual1.html).
Interesting: Bunnies had full benefits, health and life insurance and lots of opporutnies for vacation time and sabaticals. They could transfer to any of the other club cities and countries and were encouraged to get a full education. They were paid on a weekly basis with a good salary, shared a mandatory addition of 11- 13% to each cheque and could keep any cash tips.

Merit and Demerit point system:  Bunnies had opporutnites to get finders fee for new/hired bunnies.  She could received Merits for extra hours worked, working on days off and consistent cheery attitude. She could get Demerit points for drinking, improper dipping or being sloppy.

The first of all the Playboy Clubs opened in Chicago in February of 1960. Anyone could be a member for a low cost of $25.00 a year.  These members were key holders but not allowed to date the Bunnies, However The VIP key holders could amongst other fun benefits such as use of high end cars and hosting events at the club.