About Cachelle

After years of debating starting a blog, one simple conversation with a women I truly admire got me on the wagon!
So Catherine Lash here I go, I  don’t think that everything I will post is amazing, changing the world or even worth reading or seeing, but I am always looking, searching and researching things that I find interesting and while I don’t have a specific interest. I suspect I am not alone in liking interesting and pretty things.
So here is my mandate. I promise to post interesting, pretty, creative, sometimes heart breaking pictures and stories that I find.
I fall in love with things quickly then move on to other things, this will allow me to keep track of what I love and can look it up again and again.
a few important things to know about me:
I married the love of my life and I knew very quickly I would be with him forever!
I am a terrible speller and my grammar is even worse.
I am a Wedding Planner in Toronto and have recently taken a leave of absence to be pregnant! I am going to have my first child in February – a boy!
I have a Shih-tzu named Meiko that I consider my first born.
I have a ridiculously, sometimes un-healthily close relationship with my mom, sister and my nieces.
I worry about people not enjoying what I like and have decided to do this anyway.

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