In the market for some bling?

On Sunday, November 13th, 2011 at 2pm The Royal Ontario Museum  and Ritchies Auctions is hosting a very glamourous auction. I have spent the last hour going through the fine jewels, I thought I would add a few of my favourites for you all to oogle. SHould you want to bid don’t forget to make an appt.


Unmounted 1 ct pink diamond

Unmounted 1ct green diamond - est cost 40,000.00

Suspended pear shaped 1.2 cts yellow diamond - $3,000.00

5cts diamond solitaire - 30.000.00

5.5cts cushion cut saphire with diamond wrap - $7,000.00

8.4cts tourmaline and diamond dinner ring - 1,000.00

10.5 cts Ruby sugarloaf and diamond earrings - $12,000.00

10cts saphire and 7 cts diamond earrings - $15,000.00

18.5cts yellow diamond flanked with 1ct trapezoid diamonds - ONLY $450,000.00

gorgeous graduated wreath a total of 43.7cts of diamond - $30,000.00

50cts diamond solitaire... this is the size of a Canadian Loonie - a bargain at $10,000,000.00. Although they think that it will likely only go for $4,000,000.00!

And of course we can’t forget all the dapper men out there.

Vintage Tissot Gentleman's wristwatch






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